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If you haven’t seen the Avita of Wells video of a resident experiencing Virtual Reality for the first time, click here! Seriously, watch the video before reading the rest of this blogpost.

We hope you watched the video. No amount of expressive language or second hand description can demonstrate the power of virtual reality like watching the residents of Avita of Wells experiencing a sky filled with Chinese Lanterns. Scroll back up and click on the link!

It could be the music playing in the background as the resident describes everything she is seeing. Watching her hands move as her head looks in all directions. Maybe it’s listening as she says, “oh god isn’t that beautiful”

multiple times in the one minute, nineteen second video. One thing is for sure, virtual reality is taking residents to places even the trusty community van can’t bring them.

Avita of Wells, a Northbridge memory care community is please to partner with Rendever for this experience. Rendever is a startup company based in Boston bringing virtual reality into the lives of seniors. Although this program is fairly new, Avita Program Director, Angela Mastrella, already has residents not-so-patiently waiting to strap on the virtual reality goggles.

After testing the goggles themselves, staff brought in residents to see their reactions.

From the moment the goggles are fitted comfortably on residents’ heads, there are positive reactions. Residents are completely amazed with the quality of image and experience. Comments like, “wow this is incredible” and “I can’t believe what I’m seeing, it’s beautiful” are heard around the room.

Perhaps one of the most personalized features of this technology is the ability to transport residents to familiar places. During the demonstration, one resident requests to visit his old house. Using the virtual technology and Google Maps, he is able be virtually transported to the location. Once a house appears in his vision he says, “I can’t believe I am looking at my old house right now, and it feels like I’m really there!”

With only positive feedback from residents, Angela is starting to integrate virtual reality into weekly programming. She offers it as an alternative for residents who are not interested in taking a day trip.

When it comes time to plan the monthly calendar, Angela knows that virtual reality has to be a part of her weekly schedule!


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