Management Team

The Northbridge Companies attracts and retains the best and brightest in the industry. We are fortunate to have such a talented, driven and enthusiastic team of professionals committed to the company’s mission and continued success.

James Coughlin


“In coming together to form Northbridge over 15 years ago, Wendy and I wanted to build an organization that was focused on ‘doing well by doing good’. We’re proud to stand by that philosophy now and into the future.”

Wendy Nowokunski


“Jim and I founded Northbridge on the principle that as an organization we have many roles & one purpose. That purpose is to ensure that in everything we do, every day, our residents, their families and our associates are living well and loving life. I’m so proud this has held true for over 15 years.”

Renee Scudder

Chief Strategy Officer

“I have chosen a career at Northbridge because I’ve long known about Wendy and Jim’s reputation for innovative growth. I’ve known Wendy since our early career days when she was referred to as a rising star, and Jim is respected by many in our industry. I knew it would be a unique opportunity to work with two visionaries who have created a mission-driven and goal-driven differentiated organization.”

Stephen Puliafico

Senior Vice President

“I chose a career with Northbridge because I value my history with Jim and Wendy within the industry. I followed Northbridge’s success throughout the years and heard of how highly respected Northbridge is from many colleagues. I knew their culture would be a great fit for me.”

Shawn Bertram

Senior Vice President of Acquisitions & Development

“Northbridge is a mission-driven organization that has a pulse on what makes New England a special place to call home. I’ve always known, since day one, that by partnering with our founders and staying focused on living well and loving life, we’d accomplish great things.”

Erin Gowdy

Senior Vice President of Asset Management

“Northbridge is at the intersection of being an established and professional data-driven organization while also maintaining focus on doing well by doing good. It is the perfect fit for me and I have been proud to grow my career here.”

Deb Bradshaw

Vice President of Human Resources

“I grew up valuing the wisdom and stories of the seniors in my life and I have carried their values into a career in senior living. This is a business in which we have a unique opportunity to help families and their cherished seniors have wonderful experiences and create meaningful memories. I’m fortunate to have chosen a career that allows me to contribute to the care of seniors by caring for the people that make a difference in their lives every day.”

Jennifer Hastings

Vice President of Marketing

“My personal and professional values align perfectly with our founders’ vision of Living Well & Loving Life. It feels good to market a company I believe in alongside a team of professionals that are best in class. I know we are making a difference in the lives of our residents, their families and our associates.”

Mel Horan

Vice President of Sales

“When Wendy and Jim asked me to join their team at Northbridge, I knew it was where I should go and spend the rest of my career. It’s simple, our outlook and philosophy are in alignment, which is sometimes rare in our industry. We know that by doing the right thing for our associates, residents and their families, working hard and believing in what you do equal success. If we are successful, our associates, residents and their families are also and living their best lives. That’s what it is all about.”

Patricia Foran RN

Vice President of Wellness & Quality

“Northbridge’s long standing reputation for creating a company-wide culture to live well and love life fits nicely with my personal and professional commitments. I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the Northbridge family.”

James Lane

Vice President of Data Analytics & Growth

“Having known the founders of Northbridge for more than 20 years, I chose a career with Northbridge because I knew the leadership within the organization has a deep commitment to excellence and has always valued a great work – life balance for its associates. I believe finding the right balance brings out the best in people over the long term.”

Tom Sexton


“I chose a career with Northbridge quite simply because I have a passion for people and creating value in business by understanding that you can do well by doing good.”


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