• A delicious opportunity to build our menus around
        ingredients that are locally grown and in season

Eat Fresh, Eat Local

Our communities collaborate with local growers and producers of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and seafood to create a dining experience that focuses on local tastes, freshness, and seasonal produce. We have learned over the years that age does not lessen the desire for fresh, quality dining, it often enhances it! We know our residents want to eat produce when it is fresh, not frozen or shipped from afar. We know they are accustomed to fresh seafood, not processed offerings. We are proud to be able to offer this wonderful dining experience in all Northbridge Communities.

Our chefs are some of the most creative in the New England culinary industry and are proud to source local ingredients from dozens of local farms and purveyors.


East Street Farm, Tewksbury
Eva’s Garden, Dartmouth
Captain Marden’s, Wellesley
Allandale Farm, Chestnut Hill
Orr’s Farm, Westport
Mainstone Farm, Wayland
Sid Wainer, New Bedford
Truro Vineyards, Cape Cod
Colby Farm, Newbury
Tendercrop Farm, Newburyport
PJs Cranberries, Sandwich
Lanni Orchards, Lunenburg
Volante Farms, Needham
The Big Apple Farm, Wrentham

New Hampshire

Labelle Vineyard, Amherst
Lull Farm, Milford


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