A unique signature program
melding scent, taste and nostalgia

Memory Making Baking

Memory Making Baking is a Northbridge Signature Program rooted in nostalgic tastes and smells and tailored to Avita Memory Care. We know that retrieving pleasant memories, such as singing, dancing and baking, can bring back happy feelings and emotions, and that is at the core of what the program achieves. Our goal is to recreate existing memories and bring scents such as cinnamon, vanilla, garlic, coffee and pumpkin (to name a few) alive. Taste is very much tied to smell, and eating food that you do not smell truly diminishes the taste of the food to some extent. Memory Making Baking is designed to bring back those powerful senses of smell and taste, to more fully allow Avita residents to experience the pleasures and good memories of making and enjoying their favorite foods. The program is led, at each Northbridge Community, by an associate trained specifically in Alzheimer’s and dementia care.


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