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Stroudwater Lodge

Consider us a resource to you. We’re happy to help—don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team of professionals.

Nichole Doyer

Executive Director

I am so thrilled to be leading Stroudwater Lodge and have a true sense of pride in knowing I am making a difference in the lives of our residents and associates. If you have a question, feel free to contact me anytime.

Lea Rust

Sales Director

In my experience helping families with placement options can be very challenging, not to mention emotional. Being a good listener and sensitive to the emotionality of this process is most important to me. I am passionate about educating those for what is needed now, as well as what we can plan for tomorrow. I am driven by the families and residents I see on a daily basis who are happy, well taken care of, and most importantly enjoying their lives within the community. I am impressed on a daily basis with our associates who are caring for our residents. They motivate me to be better, to do better, and to be proud of Stroudwater Lodge.

Lyndsay Renadette

Resident Care Director

I am so proud to be charged with the care of our wonderful residents at Stroudwater Lodge. Working with seniors is a true passion of mine. I am available to our residents and families at a moment’s notice. Please feel free to reach out.

Mia Shea

Business Office Director

Working with seniors is truly my passion and more rewarding than words can say.  Seeing the families at ease by knowing their loved ones are being taken care of with dignity, respect and love makes me proud to be part of the Stroudwater Lodge team.

Rebecca Roy

Director of Social Programs

I truly believe that recreations purpose is not to kill time, but to make life, not to keep a person occupied, but to keep them refreshed, not to offer an escape from life, but to provide a discovery of life.  It is my passion to plan events and programs for residents where I know they will continue to experience life, laugh, share memories, and make new memories with friends and family

Jamie Bell

Culinary Director

At Stroudwater Lodge we really embrace the whole “Eat Fresh, Eat Local” Program. From homemade pickles, desserts, and focaccia bread to using local produce, and seafood I truly enjoy what I do for our residents.  There isn’t a better group of residents out there that I’d rather cook for.

David Tucci II

Maintenance Director

At an early age it was instilled in me to love, respect and honor my elders always. Where would we be if it were not for those before us who paved the way and showed us how it’s done? Stroudwater Lodge has provided an atmosphere where I’m able to utilize my technical skills and experience to provide service for those who I hold dear to my heart. Whether it’s a smile, a hand shake, a salute or a friendly conversation… it’s what motivates me each day, and the reward is great.


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